The silky story of the old turning into the new

The art of needle lace has an especially valuable place in the decoration industry due to the significance it holds in the social environment with meaningful messages it gives.
The art of needle lace is one of the few and very important examples of Anatolian Turkish Folk art that still remains to this day.
Every piece of needle lace produced is engraved with the passion and longings of the women who made them. The art of needle lace is a very difficult and time consuming form of art where the Anatolian women would put their effort and feelings into for countless hours with passion. The art pieces themselves, are usually inspired by the many different flowers of the continent.
The pieces used to be formed out of genuine silk and were very delicate but nowadays the use of synthetic silk has made the process slightly easier and strengthened the final product while preserving the old touch and delicacy.
The women of the house, would create these art pieces to both use on their own and to provide to the household income as much as they could even before the women’s movement to the workforce.
As the Bombyx Mori family, we aim to integrate needle lace to our modern day and bring back this delicate form of art to life with the use of old techniques and modernized designs, to present these individually handmade products to fellow art lovers and our customers. While also making sure the creators of these art pieces are able to earn what is well deserved to add to their families income. By keeping the hands that make these beautiful pieces happy we wish the effects of the energy and spirit will reach all the way to the final product and therefore the customer. We now ask you our valued visitor to keep in mind that as you scroll through our shop every individual piece has a story and hand work behind it, and we wish for you to imagine the beautiful women who have kept this very original form of art alive all these years.

Gonul Aslan – Hilal Kurtdere